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As part of our preconference program we are offering three great workshops!

Scientist Rebellion networking workshop (Hall 110, Tuesday 14.2 at 12:00) No registration necessary

How can scientists communicate the urgency and severity of the global climate and biodiversity crises? What is our responsibility as scientists when decades of publishing papers has proven to not be enough to turn the ship? Join Scientist Rebellion for an informal networking event on February 14th to learn more about our approaches and to network with other concerned scientists.


Scientist Rebellion networking workshop

The climate and biodiversity crises have accelerated to a point that demands urgent action from our societies. We scientists have a responsibility to step up to this challenge. Both the IPCC and IPBES reports paint a grim picture for the future: losses of biodiversity and whole ecosystems at scales only previously seen in mass extinctions; water and food insecurity; global threats to human health; and activation of tipping points pushing planetary systems past points of no return. We know that the only way to guarantee a safe future — for ourselves, for our study organisms, and the rest of the natural world — is to act on this threat now, without any further delay. However, the actions needed to achieve this are not addressed and discussed in the scientific community enough, if at all. In the Oikos Finland 2023 conference, we in Scientist Rebellion want to bring ecologists as well as other scientists together to discuss our responsibility in the ecological and climate crises, and how to take collective action to create the changes needed. We will provide a brief introduction to Scientist Rebellion, after which we can discuss together how to push for change beyond just writing papers and documenting the destruction of ecosystems. Join us in this informal networking workshop on February 14th.

No registration necessary, everyone is welcome. If you have any questions before the event, feel free to contact

Workshop 1: Careers outside academia (WORKSHOP IS FULL!)

Hosted by: Carly Lynsdale, Emma-Liina Marjakangas, Katja Rönkä

Time: Monday 13.02.2023 / 9:00-11:30

Location: Metsätalo, Sali 4,Unioninkatu 40, 00100 Helsinki

Maximum number of participants: 60

Countless different career paths exist for ecologists, but we tend to only be aware of those career paths within universities. In this workshop, people with PhDs in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will share their experiences and tips for careers outside universities in Finland. What kind of job opportunities are there within Finland? What kind of skills are required? What are the recruitment processes like? This workshop will be held in two parts; In the introduction session, invited speakers with backgrounds in policy, campaigning, science communication, coding, science funding and research will present their personal experiences and organizations. We will then organise participants into subgroups for a 'career speed dating' session, where workshop participants will have time to ask questions and discuss career paths with every speaker.

The workshop is targeted to anyone interested in career paths outside universities, but especially for early-career scientists who want to learn more about career paths in Finland. Please note that as we are unfortunately capacity limited for this workshop, we will accept participants on a first-come first-served basis.

Confirmed Speakers (organizations):

-     Outi Ala-Honkola (Ministry of the Environment)

-     Katja Bargum (Nessling Foundation)

-     Marianne Fred (Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica,Oikos Editorial Office,Novia University of Applied Science)

-     Otso Huitu (LUKE)

-     Mari Kekkonen (Silo AI)

-     Leif Schulman (SYKE)

Workshop 2: Reproducible science — how to manage all that code and data? (WORKSHOP IS FULL!)

Hosted by: Anna Norberg, Jussi Mäkinen, Tanja Lindholm

Time: Monday 13.02.2023 / 12:30-16:00

Location: Main building, U3039, Unioninkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki

Maximum number of participants: 30

Science should be open and reproducible. Publishing data is starting to be the norm, and including well-documented analysis code along with data is considered good practice. In this workshop, we will go through principles of reproducibility, including how it benefits you individually as well as the whole scientific community. After a short introductory session, we will discuss the problems related to doing this in practice, go through ways of overcoming these, including practical tools, and finish with some hands-on exercise, in which the participants can work on their own projects, or examples provided. 

This workshop will be highly interactive and hands-on, and a short questionnaire will be sent to the participants prior to the workshop, in order to tailor the content according to their needs and expectations. 

The overarching goal of this workshop is to offer (early-career) researchers conceptual and practical tools for different ways to organise their analytical code and data to improve reproducibility. The workshop is open to everybody, but the capacity is limited. There are no formal requirements for participation, but the workshop is most useful if you have an ongoing project which includes some analytical coding. All provided examples will be done using statistical programming language R. Please bring your own laptop.