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Socializing on High Fidelity


Speaker: Bodil & Signe

KeynoteEric Allan

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: from experiments to the real world and back again

  • Eric Allan (Professor at University of Bern)

    Eric Allan

    Professor at University of Bern
Flash talks
Lucrezia UnterholznerMarianne Damholdt BerginDaniel MaurenzaAparajita


1. Insight on shrub responses to environmental changes: The Juniper case.
Lucrezia Unterholzner, University of Padua

2. The potential of rewilding in Danish Nature National Parks.
Marianne Bergin, Aarhus University

3. Does human disturbance lead to biotic homogenization? A review of the evidence from a biodiversity hotspot.
Daniel Maurenza, Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro

4. Generalized immunity of immune evolved flies : dealing with two pathogen at a time
Aparajita, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali

5. Discussion in break out rooms

  • Lucrezia Unterholzner (PhD candidate at University of Padua)

    Lucrezia Unterholzner

    PhD candidate at University of Padua
  • MB

    Marianne Damholdt Bergin

    PhD student at Aarhus University
  • Daniel Maurenza (PhD. Student at Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro)

    Daniel Maurenza

    PhD. Student at Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro
  • A


    Ph. D. Student at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali

Socializing on High Fidelity

Line Holm AndersenNatalie Iwanycki AhlstrandHans Henrik Bruun

1. The effect of commercial reed harvest on invertebrate biomass and diversity.
Line Holm Andersen, Aalborg University

2. Herbarium data out performs citizen science phenology data in detecting response of flowering time to climate change in Denmark.
Natalie Iwanycki Ahlstrand, Natural History Museum of Denmark & Copenhagen University

3. Simple attributes predict the value of plants as hosts to fungal and arthropod communities.
Hans Henrik Bruun, Copenhagen University

  • Line Holm Andersen (Post doc at Aalborg University)

    Line Holm Andersen

    Post doc at Aalborg University
  • NI

    Natalie Iwanycki Ahlstrand

    Postdoc at Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen University
  • Hans Henrik Bruun (associate professor at University of Copenhagen)

    Hans Henrik Bruun

    associate professor at University of Copenhagen
KeynoteAdria LeBoeuf

The evolution of a social circulatory system: from mutualism to distributed communication

  • Adria LeBoeuf (Dr. at University of Fribourg)

    Adria LeBoeuf

    Dr. at University of Fribourg
Lunch break

Socializing on High Fidelity

KeynoteMarina Semchenko

Local adaptation in grassland plants: consequences for community assembly and evolutionary potential

  • Marina Semchenko (Dr. at University of Manchester)

    Marina Semchenko

    Dr. at University of Manchester
Flash talks
Jacob WeinerRoel LammerantJonathan Von OppenAngela Luisa Prendin


1. Applying plant ecology to agriculture: Allometry and yield stability of cereals.
Jacob Weiner, University of Copenhagen

2. Impact of experimental soil moisture manipulation on tropical tree seedling demographic fates and functional traits.
Roel Lammerant, Uppsala University

3. Shrub and bryophyte vegetation control microclimatic offset in arctic tundra.
Jonathan von Oppen, Aarhus University

4. Early summer temperature and precipitation (but not sea surface temperature) influence Juniperus growth at Faroe Islands.
Angela L. Prendin, Aarhus University

5. Break out rooms

  • JW

    Jacob Weiner

    Professor at Univ Copenhagen
  • RL

    Roel Lammerant

    Uppsala University
  • JV

    Jonathan Von Oppen

    PhD candidate at Aarhus University
  • AP

    Angela Luisa Prendin

    Postdoc at Aarhus University

Break out rooms

Cristina BarberErick Lundgren

1. Predicting landscape-scale natural tree recruitment in tropical agricultural landscapes: the value of species-specific tree crown maps and land ownership data.
Christina Barber, Boise State University

2. Introduced herbivores restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions.
Erick Lundgren, Aarhus University

  • CB

    Cristina Barber

    Ph.D. candidate at Boise State University
  • EL

    Erick Lundgren

    Postdoc at Aarhus University
General assembly

Speakers: Bodil & Signe

KeynoteElisabeth S. Bakker

Rewilding degraded landscapes: restoring natural processes to improve biodiversity

  • Elisabeth S. Bakker (Professor at Wagening University)

    Elisabeth S. Bakker

    Professor at Wagening University

Speakers: Bodil & Signe

Social small talk

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