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We are happy to offer our conference delegates four different options for post-conference excursions on Friday afternoon, 15 March (see information below). Excursion tickets can be booked until 7 February.

To book a spot for an excursion go to the 'tickets page'. Note that the number of available tickets for each excursion is limited and will be available at a first come, first serve basis.

1. Söderåsen National Park (with bus) 

Söderåsens national park contains one of the largest beech forests in Northern Europe and is known for its deep ravines, rocky slopes, and beautiful views. During this guided tour, we will go for a 4 km hike to explore some of the most beautiful areas in the national park. We will start in the valley and work our way up to the top of the cliffs where we will be rewarded with nice views. During this hike, you will learn all about the cultural and geographical history of the park and the ecological importance of the area and its specific forest structures. 

Tour guide: Lydwin Wagenaar 

Needed: Comfortable (hiking) shoes 

Time: 13.00-17.00

Maximum number of participants: 30. 


2. The Scanian coast (with bus)


The effects of the present climate change have already a clear impact and made itself clearly visible in south Sweden and Skåne. A changed precipitation regime with increased precipitation and with especially more intensive precipitation events have forced the authorities to take measures to manage the increased amounts of water in both rural and urban areas to prevent flooding and expensive damages and losses. The increased sea water levels and other new climatic factors have also worsen the coastal erosion and coastal flooding problems along the coast of Skåne. The city of Lund, Vellinge and the coast of SW-Skåne have many good and illustrative examples of this. We will visit some of these. 

Tour guide: Ann Åkerman, LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies) 

Time: 13.00-17.00 

Maximum number of participants: 40. 


3. Kulturen (on-site in Lund)


Kulturen in Lund is both an indoor and an open-air museum that features an extensive collection of historic buildings in the heart of Lund. There are also around twenty exhibitions for you to enjoy, on subjects ranging from folk art to modern design, from mediaeval history to the present day and from local culture to global culture.  

Join us on the guided tour "Homes and their people":  Kulturen's collection of houses range from the Middle Ages through to the 1900s. As we visit a selection of these houses you will hear about the people who once lived in them. What did life in the 1930s look like for the Andersson family who lived in the Worker's Home? What was it like to grow up as part of Professor Thomander's family? How did one work, eat and sleep in the well-to-do farmhouse from Blekinge county? This tour provides a fascinating insight into the fates of people from a variety of social backgrounds who lived in these houses at different points in time. 

After the tour you'll have the chance to explore the rest of the museum on your own. 

Time: 13:30-14:30 

Maximum participants: 30 per tour x 2 (can give two tours simultaneously) = 60 persons 


4. Guided tour to the entomological collections in the Biological museum (on-site in Lund) 

The Biological museum at Lund University holds about 13 million specimens, with a strong focus on Sweden and the other Nordic countries. They hold more than 40 000 type specimens (the specimens used to describe new species). This guided tour will take participants to the huge entomological collections. With 3.8 million databased specimens and with a large number remaining to be registered, the entomological collections are one of the largest in the Nordic countries, and they are very important both nationally and internationally. The collections include among other things the second oldest insect collection in the world. Come and take a look at the amazing diversity!  

Tour guide: Niklas Wahlberg & Jadranka Rota 

Time: 13.30, 14.30, 15.30 (each excursion 1 hour) 

Maximum participants: 12 participants per tour (36 in total)