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The conference includes three keynotes:

The principles of ecological restoration

What are the basic principles of ecological restoration, and how does it differ from other types of nature management? How to navigate in the jungle of concepts and perceptions of ecological restoration, and how can the restoration of degraded land contribute to the transformative change needed for future land-use management? What is the present status of ecological restoration in and outside Norway, with particular focus on terrestrial ecosystems? Dagmar Hagen is a plant ecologist and Senior research scientist at Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and will cover these issues in the first keynote speech. 

Management of human activities with impact on the ocean

The rapid degradation of marine ecosystems opens a range of questions: What are the main factors that influence the ocean and the fjords? Is it possible to keep the marine ecosystems healthy and resilient, and at the same time harvest more food and energy? What role can restoration play for marine ecosystems? Peter Haugan is a professor of oceanography and Program director at Institute of Marine Research (IMR). He will give the second keynote speech along these lines. 

Setting realistic targets for restoration at different scales

Restoration (as well as other types of nature management) rests upon a set of values or preferences that affects which habitats we choose to restore, which conditions we try to maintain and, eventually, which species we aim to support. How we perceive the role of man in nature affects how we spend available resources and can lead to different priorities, from rewilding initiatives via focus on semi-natural habitats to defending so-called novel ecosystems. John Linnell is an interdisciplinary scientist and Senior researcher at NINA and will discuss these matters in the conference's third keynote speech.