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January 17 - 21, 2022 (GMT+1)

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Lakeside Lecture Theatres

Bartholins Allé 3
Aarhus, Denmark

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We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the Fifth Conference of the Nordic Society Oikos from 17 - 20 January 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark. The overall theme of the conference will be Ecology and Evolution for a Changing World.

Mark the dates and we will continuously update this event site with more information as the organizing committee progresses.

Invitation from the Danish society OIKOS

We look forward to welcome you to this in-person conference where contributions can be given within one of the following subthemes:

Adaptations and interactions in changing environments

This subtheme focuses broadly on both ecological and genetic studies of organisms' responses to their environment. This encompasses studies ranging from the individual to ecosystem level and from molecular to bio-geographic organization.

Ecosystems through space and time - From local to global communities 

This subtheme invites contributions addressing dynamics of ecological systems at various spatial and temporal scales. How does variation in drivers affect biodiversity, community dynamics and ecosystem processes? How can we improve our understanding of ecological change by integrating different scales of observation? These questions and many more will find a discussion platform here.

Restoration and landscape prioritization

This subtheme seeks input on restoration of ecological systems in the broadest sense, from reporting on initiatives reinforcing single populations to projects where entire landscapes are reengineered. Also, evidence on the interaction between human users and restored areas, and data on the optimal economical use of landscapes for nature conservation is welcomed.

Methodical advances in Ecology & Evolution

This subtheme summons novel methods, tools, and technical aspects of ecology and evolutionary biology research. 

Stay tuned on this event site and consider becoming a member of NSO already now: 

Registration opening and abstract submission: TBA

We are looking forward to welcome you in Aarhus in January!

Best wishes,

Oikos DK