Registration for this event will open October 12, 2023

Preliminary list of sessions

  • Planetary Biology: Exploring and Understanding Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity contributions to ecosystem function and services
  • Pollination
  • Ecological and evolutionary consequences of species interactions
  • Ecological and evolutionary solutions to the biodiversity crisis
  • Urban ecology
  • EEF session: Ecology meets Evolution
  • Ecological and evolutionary responses to a changing environment
  • Ecological and evolutionary effects of environmental and natural toxins
  • BECC: How to communicate your scientific research to the public
  • Mitigating effects of climate change: ecological and evolutionary perspectives
  • Advancing ecological studies (OIKOS session)
  • DDLS: the importance of data driven science in ecology and evolution
  • Mechanistic models for a complex world: advances and insights
  • Making use of evolutionary ecology in solving societal challenges