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The NSO conference 2024 will be held at AF-Borgen (Sandgatan 2, Lund) in the center of Lund, except for the arrival day (Tuesday, March 12th) when the Welcome Reception will take place at the Department of Biology (Ecology Building) at Lund University (Sölvegatan 37, Lund). 

AF-Borgen: AF-Borgen is located in Lundagård, approximately 10 min walk from Lund Central Station.

Ecology Building: The most convenient way to reach the Ecology Building from Lund Central Station is by taking the tram to the LTH station. The tram station is located just outside one of our buildings, the Biology Building. Behind the Biology Building, you will find the Ecology Building.

You can find timetables and information on how to purchase tickets on the Skånetrafiken website. Click the translate option in the upper right corner for English.

Getting to Lund...

... by train:

Lund is located on the main railway line from Malmö to various destinations, including Oslo, Stockholm, and Gothenburg.

The travel time from Stockholm is approximately 4 hours on the express train 'X2000' or 6-7 hours on 'Intercity' trains. Gothenburg is located approximately 250 km north of Lund, and there are regular trains connecting Gothenburg and Lund with a journey time of approximately 3 hours.

To book tickets or learn more about destinations and travel times, please visit the websites of the following train operators:

... by bus:

It is easy to get to Lund by bus from many of the largest cities in the Nordic region. Some operators with routes to Lund are Netbus/Bus4You and Flixbus. Most operators stop at Lund Central Station.

... by car:

Lund can be easily accessed by car via the main roads E22, 16, and 108. The city center is well signposted from all major roads leading to Lund. Additionally, the north and south circular roads make it convenient to travel from the northern to the southern parts and from the western to the eastern parts of the city.

Municipal parking garages are managed and monitored by LKP AB. You can find information about larger parking facilities in the city center on their website. Payment for parking is generally done through a smartphone app.

The city of Lund also provides parking areas located outside the city center. The specific rules for each area determine whether parking is permitted and for how long.

For more detailed information, please visit the Lunds Kommun website.

... by plane:

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (also known as 'Kastrup') in Denmark. The journey time by train from the airport to Lund is approximately 40-45 minutes, taking you over the Öresund Bridge, which connects Denmark to Sweden. Your final destination should be Lund Central Station.

Train tickets can be purchased from the Skånetrafiken ticket machines in the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport, near the escalators leading to the train platform. You can pay using a debit/credit card, and if you buy a ticket to Lund, it will remain valid even if you need to use buses at Lund Central Station. 

Please note that there may be passport control at the first stop (Hyllie) on the Swedish side. Always ensure you have a valid passport or international ID card when traveling between Denmark and Sweden. 

The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Sturup, which offers some international flights from European destinations and flights from other Swedish airports, including Stockholm.

There are bus connections between Malmö Sturup Airport and Lund, as well as to Malmö. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Lund.

Where to stay in Lund

We have listed some of the hotels in Lund that you can book:

  • Hotel LundiaA nice hotel located in front of the train station, just 600 meters from AF-Borgen (parking available).
  • Hotel ConcordiaAn eco-labeled hotel conveniently situated near the train station, approximately 650 meters from AF-Borgen.
  • Hotel Bishops ArmsA cozy hotel and pub in the center of Lund, only 300 meters from AF-Borgen.
  • Hotel FinnA modern hotel located close to the city center, about 1.5 kilometers from AF-Borgen (parking available).
  • Hotel Nordic LundA comfortable hotel in the city center, approximately 750 meters from AF-Borgen (parking available).
  • Elite Hotel LundA modern hotel located close to the Department of Biology, around 2 kilometers from AF-Borgen.
  • Winstrup HostelAn affordable hostel situated near the train station, just 400 meters from AF-Borgen.

If you encounter difficulties finding accommodation in Lund, we recommend considering the city of Malmö, which is only a 15-minute train ride away from Lund.

The city of Lund

The charming cobble-stoned city of Lund dates back to 990. Today, students make up almost half of the population in the city. 

Lund is a city in the southern Swedish province of Scania, close to Malmö (Sweden's third largest city). Life in Lund combines academia with rich cultural patrimony. Coming to the historical city of Lund, you can visit the impressive Lund Cathedral, the beautiful Botanical Garden and several interesting museums. It is also a great opportunity to experience the beautiful nature and outdoors of Sweden. City parks, cycling and walking routes, or hiking areas are all within easy reach. The Visit Lund has compiled a number of useful tips and highlights for your trip, visit the website here!

Travel locally

From Lund Central Station, it will only take 5–10 minutes to walk to AF-borgen. The green city buses can easily take you around the city, and all bus lines depart from Botulfsplatsen. You can also take the tram between Lund C and the new district of Brunnshög. When using city buses and trams, you can make payments through the Skånetrafiken app using mobile payment or by credit card; cash is not accepted. At Skånetrafiken's customer service center and in the ticket machines at Lund Central Station, you can purchase pre-sale tickets that can be used at any time. Find timetables for trains and buses on the Skånetrafiken website(in Swedish, use the link on top to get a google translation).

You can also rent a bike: see Lundahoj.

If you need to book a taxi in Lund: see Taxi Lund and Taxi Skåne

Travel regionally

The yellow region buses take you to the towns and countryside of Lund and Skåne. The regional buses usually depart from Lund Central Station or Bankgatan. On the regional buses you can pay with credit card, mobile payment through Skånetrafiken's app or a pre-sale ticket.